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Welcome to Northfield Public Schools Skyward login page for staff/guardians/students
Please COMPLETE the Return to School Survey for each child in your household.  All surveys are to be completed by July 14 2020.
***ONLINE BUS REGISTRATION for the school year 2020-2021***   
Please COMPLETE EVEN IF your student is NOT using bus transportation.  If you are unable to register your student(s) online,
contact Benjamin Bus at 507-645-5720 or email Jenna Dardis at 
and a form will be emailed to you.  Please return forms by email to Jenna.   
Forms are to be returned/completed by August 20, 2020.
Please remember that each parent/guardian has their own Family Access account. Each parent/guardian needs to check their preferences for the Skylert/School Messenger notification system for children. 
Example:  you do not want to receive phone calls at work and you have unchecked the boxes but are still getting calls.  There are two places to check. You need to check to make sure the box is
unchecked for all children in your family.  If that is true then your spouse needs to log into their account and make sure to uncheck the boxes for all children for the calls to stop. If you do not have
or do not know your Family Access login and password click here.
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