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Position Information

STARTING DATE          February 23, 2024        

SEASON     Spring: February - May

Coach the JV tennis team.   Carry out the objectives of the program as outlined by the head coach and school administration.  Instruct athletes in individual and team fundamentals of skills, strategy, and training necessary to achieve a degree of individual and team success.

1. Complete courses as required by the IHSAA or the District for the coaching position. Review the approved courses as required by the IHSAA.
2. Certified to teach in Idaho or have completed a coaching fundamentals course desired.
3. Ability to organize and supervise a total sports program.
4. Previous successful coaching experience in assigned sport.
5. Substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport and at the same time must continue to examine new theories and procedures pertinent to the field.
6. A valid driver's license is required if the employee operates a district vehicle.
Conditions of Employment
  1. Are you eligible to work in the United States?
  2. Can you perform all the essential job function(s) of the position(s) for which you are applying, with or without reasonable accommodation?
  3. If hired, are you willing to submit to an FBI fingerprint criminal background check and a nation-wide sex offender registry check?
  4. Do you have or are you willing to obtain one of the following certifications if required for the position in which you are applying? Valid Idaho teaching certification or American Sports Effectiveness Program (A.S.E.P.) certification (may be obtained on-line at or Fundamentals of Coaching certification (may be accessed on-line through the IHSAA website or on the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) website preferred or required if the assistant coach travels alone with the team.
  5. With submission of this application I hereby authorize the Moscow School District to conduct any reference checks to obtain information relating to my application for employment. I am advised that the reference checks may include information on my character, general reputation, and personal characteristics as well as job performance as they relate to my ability to perform the job for which I am applying.
  6. I hereby certify that the information contained in this application and otherwise provided by me as part of the application process is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any false or misleading information provided by me will constitute sufficient grounds for disqualification of my application, or in the event that I am employed by the district, may result in termination of employment.
Skills Questionnaire
  1. Rate your ability to organize and supervise a total sports program.
  2. Rate your previous coaching experience in the sport in which you are applying.
  3. Rate your knowledge of the technical aspects of the assigned sport.
  4. Rate your experience and ability to supervise assistant coaches.
  5. Rate your ability to maintain good public relations with news media, officials, booster club, volunteers and fans.
  6. Rate your ability to communicate in a positive manner and work cooperatively with others including co-workers, supervisors, administrators, staff, students, parents, and the public.
General Questions
  1. Describe any previous experience you may have as an advisor or coach in the activity for which you are applying.
  2. Describe your high school participation in the activity in which you are applying.
  3. Please describe any college participation you have had in the activity in which you are applying.
  4. Please describe any other experience you have had in the activity in which you are applying.
  5. What is your activity philosophy?
  6. Provide details about any workshops or clinics you have attended.
  7. Provide details if you have had any experience with event/program management or officiating.
  8. Do you have current first aid and/or CPR certification?
  9. List certificates or licenses you currently hold.
  10. List educational background beginning with high school.
  11. Are you claiming Veteran's Preference? If yes, complete and submit the Veteran's Preference Form (VP-1) and provide a copy of your military discharge papers (DD 214).
  12. AUTHORIZATION NOTICE on Idaho Code 33-1210 RELEASE OF INFORMATION ON PAST JOB PERFORMANCE Idaho Code 33-1210 requires all Idaho School District employers to obtain past school district employer performance information regarding an individual they are considering for hire, with regard to any position at an Idaho Public School District. I wish to be considered for employment with the Moscow School District No. 281. I understand that as a part of the applicant process for a certificated or noncertificated position, Idaho Code 33-1210 requires the following action by the district: Idaho Code 33-1210 (2) Before hiring an applicant, a school district shall request the applicant to sign a statement: (a) Authorizing the applicant's current and past employers, including employers outside of the state of Idaho, to release to the hiring school district copies of all documents in the previous employer's personnel, investigative or other files relating to the job performance by the applicant; and (b) Releasing the applicant's current and past employers, and employees acting on behalf of that employer, from any liability for as provided in subsection (4) of this section. (4) Not later than twenty (20) business days after receiving a request under subsection (3) of this section, a school district shall provide the information requested and make available to the requesting school district copies of all documents in the applicant's personnel record relating to job performance. The school district, or an employee acting on behalf of the school district who in good faith discloses information under this section either in writing, printed material, electronic materials or orally is immune from civil liability for the disclosure. An Employer is presumed to be acting in good faith at the time of the disclosure under this section unless the evidence establishes one (1) or more of the following: (a) that the employer knew the information disclosed was false or misleading; (b) that the employer disclosed the information with reckless disregard for the truth; (c) that the disclosure was specifically prohibited by a state or federal statute. (5) A hiring district shall request from the office of the superintendent of public instruction verification of certification status, any past or pending violations of the professional code of ethics, and information relating to job performance, as established by the provisions of subsection (11) of this section, if any, for applicants for certificated employment. (6) A school district shall not hire an applicant who does not sign a statement. (8) Information received pursuant to this section shall be used by a school district only for the purpose of evaluating an applicant's qualifications for employment in the position for which he or she has applied. Except as otherwise provided by law, a board member or employee of a school district shall not disclose the information to any person, other than the applicant, who is not directly involved in the process of evaluating the applicant's qualifications for employment. A person who violates the provisions of this subsection may be civilly liable for damages caused by such violation. In the event I am selected as a finalist for employment at the Moscow School District, I understand this release will be sent to my prior employers. My typed name certifies that I have read and understand this page, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Further, my typed name contained on this document is considered to be my signature and equate to my signature for the purposes of this requirement. I agree and consent that my current or former employers, including out-of-state employers, may release such documentation and information to the District through use of my type written name and that I intend such, for this purpose and this purpose only, to serve as my signature.
User Defined Information

If selected for a position, the candidate will be required to complete and sign Section 1 of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) and present identification for review and verification in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security no later than the first day of employment. The candidate will be required to submit fingerprints and undergo a criminal investigation check at the candidate's expense (nonrefundable).

An offer of employment with the Moscow School District is considered conditional pending the District's review of previous work history, clearance of the background investigation check through law enforcement agencies and the Idaho State Department of Education, and official action by the Board of Trustees. Non-contract positions are at-will and can be terminated at any time, for any reason, by either the employee or the employer.

        AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER                

The Moscow School District does not discriminate against any individual in the United States on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, physical characteristics, sex stereotyping, transgender status, and gender identity), marital status, national origin (including limited English proficiency), socioeconomic status, age, disability, or political affiliation or belief.
Benefitted employees will recieve medical, dental and life insurance.
Cover Letter - Head Coach
Resume - Head Coach*
Reference Letter - Head Coach #1
Reference Letter - Head Coach #2
Reference Letter - Head Coach #3
Certificate - Extracurricular #1
Veteran's Preference
EXTRACURRICULAR: 3 of 5 external references required.
We reserve the right to modify the details of a position posting at any time.